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Various game teams


Each team (of two) is only one ball in play which is alternatively hit by each partner.
One ball is hit at each departure A partner will all even starts and the other odd departures.


From each hole, the two partners each hit a ball. For the second shot, they choose the ball that suits them best. If this is the player’s ball A is chosen, it will be the turn B to hit the second shot. Players then play alternately until the hole.

Four balls

The two partners each playing a ball to the end of the hole, the winning score will be the best of both players.


From each hole, the two partners each bring a ball in play. The 2nd time, they invert their ball (A slap the ball B and vice versa). 3rd, they choose one of the bullets and play alternately until the hole.


The first six holes are played in 4 balls, the following six greensome and the last six foursome. The counting of blows is like foursome.


2,3 or 4 players constitute a team. Each player taps his drive. The “captain” (designated amicably) chooses the best ball. From this location, every player types a 2nd shot. The captain chooses the best shot again and so on until the hole is completed. The gaganante team is the one who will have achieved the 18 holes in the fewest strokes.


The label of the golf game

This term, that golfers are familiar with, shall in fact how to behave on a golf course.
The label applies to everyone, especially the breach of rules usually causes no penalty point (except in case of repeat offenses). This is the etiquette of golf player. A serious offense against the label can lead to outright exclusion of the Club.

Courtesy on the course

In the interest of all, players must avoid excessive delays and ensure not to interfere:
The parties that precede them (by not playing before that they are not out of reach).
The following sections, letting them go when they have taken or will be delayed (for example to search for a lost ball).
Players must leave the green as soon as they have completed the hole and ensure put the flag up.

Caring for land

A golf course is inherently fragile, so it is important that it is protected by the players.

In the field

Players must replace divots and flatten the cutlets or they could snatch executing their shot. It should also avoid causing damage to the course by doing test shots.

On the green

The damage done by your ball must be carefully repaired. Do not forget to place the flag in the hole before leaving the putting green and this taking care not to damage the edge of the hole. Never get his ball from the hole with his putter! Never ride with the trolley on the greens!

In bunkers

Taking care of carefully raking the stains made in the sand playing or walking.

Practice Swings

By making a practice swing, players should not deteriorate the course and particularly the departure areas.

And if we played faster …

It is sufficient to apply a few simple rules to fight effectively against this scourge of golf that is the slow play.

Always think about the players who follow your part with will not delay. Plan ahead: have at hand balls and tees sufficient: you will save much time in useless research.

On departure

Never strike test as spectacular as useless and elsewhere strongly discouraged …
Do not wait for your turn to get out of the bag the chosen club. When your partner plays follow his eye ball and take a cue point: you can thus avoid tedious research. Do not worry too much your own, you will find many others on the course … And if you are not sure to find your ball, do not hesitate to play a provisional ball. Exit the start when the last player driven. All you have to tell you may be told by walking …

On the fairway

Adopt a steady pace: your partners automatically do the same. The time saved will allow you to better prepare your shot and possibly seek more serenely your ball.

In a bunker

No unnecessary lamentations: Locate the nearest rake. Take the shortest route, do the minimum damage because do not forget that you will have to repair …

On the green

Approach your carriage next start (! Without climbing onto the green revolution) and get ready already: take off your glove, analyze slopes as you enter on the green. If necessary, mark your ball before you do me the request. Play the long putts your turn to but less than one meter, finish. As soon as the last entry ball, put the flag and leave the green immediately: it was only on the next start you score your score. If you earned one to two minutes per hole, make the account for 18! But this you already knew, is not it?

Different Games

Le match play

The game is played hole by hole. A hole is won by the player who made the least nonbre strokes on the hole.
The game ends when one player has more advance holes than are left to play!

Le stroke play

All hits are counted. This test can be played without disabilities (gross) or disability (net).

Le stableford

Players score points on each hole based on the score achieved, the winner being the one whose point total is the highest at the end of the race.
Plain: above the bogey: 0 pt – Bogey (1 over par): 1 pt – By: 2 pts Birdie: (1 under par): 3 pts – Eagle (2 under par) 4 pts – Albatros (3 under par): 5 pts.
Net: the player is given the blows according to its index and difficulty of the holes. 1 shot awarded on a par 4 hole that turns into a 5 for the player.

Contre le par

This is a Match Play (include hole by hole) whose opponent is the course. Once again, the counting of beatings, calculated based on HCP, players score + or – as they earn, share or lose the hole. The algebraic sum of + or – gives the final result.

Race flag

Each player has a personal flag that will be planted at the place where found his ball when he has exhausted touts his shots. This total is obtained by the ajourtant“By Day” (or SSS, Scratch Score Standard) to the player’s handicap.

Run for the string

Each competitor receives a string, usually at 50 cm per point handicap (HCP 20 = 10 meters). It can use the string as it sees fit (out of bunkers, perilous positions, a delicate putt) by cutting the length each time it uses. The use of string is beyond counting strokes. But be careful not to squander the ….

Happy Senior Man & Woman Couple Playing Golf

Senior citizens, the route to happiness

“Happy,” a qualifier that perfectly illustrates all senior golfers from 50 years for women and 55 for men.
At this age, men and women are at a turning point in their lives and begin to glimpse, often with anxiety, heading to retirement happen, and not without reason. Indeed, having been active throughout his life, it is often difficult to meet overnight without occupation. It is time for those who have not yet to find a passion. Or perhaps even to change if the practice is proving increasingly difficult to exercise.

Active passion

In this regard, golf seems to be, to see the relaxed pace of senior golfers, a passion that allows us to live an active retirement, social and sport like no other.

Indeed, with very few exceptions, competitive sport is no longer practiced since the fifties.

What then remains as solutions for those who have played sports all their lives? Jogging ? Yes, but be careful with muscle injuries or problems of ligaments and tendons. This is a good exercise to maintain good physical shape, but be very careful with her heart. We can, however, play golf until his last breath and there is no age to get started! It is an activity more enjoyable taking place in nature and consists, among others, to go about 5 to 6 kilometers. Excellent occupation to keep a good heart activity and avoid rust.

Meetings and friends

It’s also a great way to meet new friends. In senior competition, in fact, usability is not an empty word. Many golf courses resonate, especially on weekdays, laughter and exploits of seniors around pots or card games before they return to their home, at a time when, some years ago, they returned from the office.

Thus, the golfing activity replaces naturally and simply work. Many spend a family weekend, and that’s good for peace of homes …

In addition, older golfers are very active. As are those who, in the population, have more free time, they benefit fully from their passion and roam all golf courses in France! A good opportunity to offer a romantic getaway or friends.

The senior golf in Sancerre

These are all the reasons why golf, the ideal sport for seniors, knowing that there is no medical indication against-his practice.

What more to live a happy and active retirement? Golf to keep fit and to live his time, finally free.


Special Offer Seniors


Green Fee Seniors

€ 26 High season

€ 21 Low season


Meal 15 €
main course, dessert, coffee

More information about golf for seniors here: The Route of Hapiness.



Golf: a heart medication


G as generations
(All ages from 7 to 77 years).

O as oxygen
(Kilometers clean air).

L as leisure
(Relaxation, anti-stress …).

F as form
(Exercise, walking).

Directions for use and dosage

Started with some lessons, not
Frustration in practice, do not throw clubs
on the course, accept his disability …
or rather his disabilities.
In an emergency, go to


Any. Everybody can

various pains,
insomnia, depression
transient. Slight
can be observed in
If out of range, obstacle
water, triple bogey, multiple putts, etc.
Some cases have been described watery eyes, occasionally hallucinatory manifestations (eagle or hole in one).
Acute golfite occurs in the clubhouse and is to describe in detail his exploits on the course.
Attention to the epidemic risk …


No deaths were reported. However, household scenes were reported especially on weekends and holidays when the spouse is not a golfer!

You understood, this wonder drug is in the Sancerre Golf: the order is ready. And do not forget:
GOLF is the magic potion for LIFE

Dr. Jean-François Millet Cardiologist

Golf is synonymous with longevity?

Australian doctors are convinced. They are coming
published a very serious investigation of the practice of golf:
Golfers have a greater life expectancy than
other sports; moreover their quality of life
is better ….

Info or Hoax?

Result of the investigation on the virtues
the little white ball,
new pill

Honma, a Japanese company is offering a bag full of the finest collection of golf clubs ever for a $75,000

Some answers to common belief

“It’s expensive”

This is no longer true.
Thanks to the tremendous development in recent years, multiple packages and options are now offered on many golf courses.

Equipment ? Initially you may be lent, and then you can make long fun with that acquired at low cost.

The clothe ? Simply correct and sneakers.

“It’s not a sport”

Golf is even one of the most popular sports in the world is estimated at nearly one hundred million the number of golfers. And have you wondered why almost all major sports play there?

The number of graduates in France is about 47,600.

It is an Olympic sport and France will have the honor of receiving the Ryder Cup in 2018.

“It must be a club member to play”


You can play on a golf course of your choice by paying a green fee. But golf, like other sports, it is always better in a club.

“It is not easy”

On the contrary.

Golf is probably the only sport where you can compete without any problems with players of different levels, you can practice with family, friends or with players previously unknown …

“It takes time”

If we want…

Training, friendly games or competitions take the scale we want to grant them. One hour, two hours … or the day … you choose …

“It is a leisure old”


It is fair to say that it is the exercise of a lifetime. And it is better to start young. It’s easier to read.

“There are no structures to initiate”

Really !

You do not know that many clubs organize initiations and baptisms discounts or even free. The Federation will inform you about the different possibilities. Do not hesitate to knock on the door of a club and to inform you: this does commit you to anything!

Website of the French Golf Federation:

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