Senior citizens, the route to happiness

Senior citizens, the route to happiness

« Happy, » a qualifier that perfectly illustrates all senior golfers from 50 years for women and 55 for men.
At this age, men and women are at a turning point in their lives and begin to glimpse, often with anxiety, heading to retirement happen, and not without reason. Indeed, having been active throughout his life, it is often difficult to meet overnight without occupation. It is time for those who have not yet to find a passion. Or perhaps even to change if the practice is proving increasingly difficult to exercise.

Active passion

In this regard, golf seems to be, to see the relaxed pace of senior golfers, a passion that allows us to live an active retirement, social and sport like no other.

Indeed, with very few exceptions, competitive sport is no longer practiced since the fifties.

What then remains as solutions for those who have played sports all their lives? Jogging ? Yes, but be careful with muscle injuries or problems of ligaments and tendons. This is a good exercise to maintain good physical shape, but be very careful with her heart. We can, however, play golf until his last breath and there is no age to get started! It is an activity more enjoyable taking place in nature and consists, among others, to go about 5 to 6 kilometers. Excellent occupation to keep a good heart activity and avoid rust.

Meetings and friends

It’s also a great way to meet new friends. In senior competition, in fact, usability is not an empty word. Many golf courses resonate, especially on weekdays, laughter and exploits of seniors around pots or card games before they return to their home, at a time when, some years ago, they returned from the office.

Thus, the golfing activity replaces naturally and simply work. Many spend a family weekend, and that’s good for peace of homes …

In addition, older golfers are very active. As are those who, in the population, have more free time, they benefit fully from their passion and roam all golf courses in France! A good opportunity to offer a romantic getaway or friends.

The senior golf in Sancerre

These are all the reasons why golf, the ideal sport for seniors, knowing that there is no medical indication against-his practice.

What more to live a happy and active retirement? Golf to keep fit and to live his time, finally free.