Some answers to common belief

Some answers to common belief

« It’s expensive »

This is no longer true.
Thanks to the tremendous development in recent years, multiple packages and options are now offered on many golf courses.

Equipment ? Initially you may be lent, and then you can make long fun with that acquired at low cost.

The clothe ? Simply correct and sneakers.

« It’s not a sport »

Golf is even one of the most popular sports in the world is estimated at nearly one hundred million the number of golfers. And have you wondered why almost all major sports play there?

The number of graduates in France is about 47,600.

It is an Olympic sport and France will have the honor of receiving the Ryder Cup in 2018.

« It must be a club member to play »


You can play on a golf course of your choice by paying a green fee. But golf, like other sports, it is always better in a club.

« It is not easy »

On the contrary.

Golf is probably the only sport where you can compete without any problems with players of different levels, you can practice with family, friends or with players previously unknown …

« It takes time »

If we want…

Training, friendly games or competitions take the scale we want to grant them. One hour, two hours … or the day … you choose …

« It is a leisure old »


It is fair to say that it is the exercise of a lifetime. And it is better to start young. It’s easier to read.

« There are no structures to initiate »

Really !

You do not know that many clubs organize initiations and baptisms discounts or even free. The Federation will inform you about the different possibilities. Do not hesitate to knock on the door of a club and to inform you: this does commit you to anything!

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