The sports association

  • The sports association takes care of the animation of golf by organizing sponsored weekend competitions and ranking competitions Mondays and Thursdays from mid-March to mid-November.
    In winter, a scramble with shot-gun start in followed by a dinner is organized each month.
    The sports association manages the golf school, with teacher surrounded by volunteers.
    Our teams participate in various championships:
    3rd national division for ladies
    Promotion for Young People, Men, Seniors Ladies and Gentlemen Seniors
    Led by Michel Fouchet, never short of ideas, seniors participate in interclub competitions and 4 leagues.
    This year, the ladies involved in the Nana’s Cup, and our club has hosted some sixty « Nanas » in May.

Identity of the association




Association Sportive du Golf Sancerre is to practice, coaching, competition and, more generally, any activity having the effect or purpose is the development and discovery of golf with players and non-players of all ages in compliance with the rules of etiquette and the articles of the French Golf Federation. Association Sportive du Golf Sancerre prohibits any action or political or religious discrimination and any act likely to challenge its status as a non-profit organization. Association Sportive du Golf Sancerre is not manager of land and equipment made available by SAS GOLF SANCERRE Association Sportive du Golf Sancerre selects the teams that will represent the club in competitions.

Creation date

Date: 15/03/1988
Inserting the Official Gazette: 15/03/1988
Youth and Sport Approval: 18 615 04 of 15/03/1988.


Golf Saint Thibault 18300 Sancerre Saint Satur


The association consists of members players who paid annually dues