The label of the golf game

The label of the golf game

This term, that golfers are familiar with, shall in fact how to behave on a golf course.
The label applies to everyone, especially the breach of rules usually causes no penalty point (except in case of repeat offenses). This is the etiquette of golf player. A serious offense against the label can lead to outright exclusion of the Club.

Courtesy on the course

In the interest of all, players must avoid excessive delays and ensure not to interfere:
The parties that precede them (by not playing before that they are not out of reach).
The following sections, letting them go when they have taken or will be delayed (for example to search for a lost ball).
Players must leave the green as soon as they have completed the hole and ensure put the flag up.

Caring for land

A golf course is inherently fragile, so it is important that it is protected by the players.

In the field

Players must replace divots and flatten the cutlets or they could snatch executing their shot. It should also avoid causing damage to the course by doing test shots.

On the green

The damage done by your ball must be carefully repaired. Do not forget to place the flag in the hole before leaving the putting green and this taking care not to damage the edge of the hole. Never get his ball from the hole with his putter! Never ride with the trolley on the greens!

In bunkers

Taking care of carefully raking the stains made in the sand playing or walking.

Practice Swings

By making a practice swing, players should not deteriorate the course and particularly the departure areas.

And if we played faster …

It is sufficient to apply a few simple rules to fight effectively against this scourge of golf that is the slow play.

Always think about the players who follow your part with will not delay. Plan ahead: have at hand balls and tees sufficient: you will save much time in useless research.

On departure

Never strike test as spectacular as useless and elsewhere strongly discouraged …
Do not wait for your turn to get out of the bag the chosen club. When your partner plays follow his eye ball and take a cue point: you can thus avoid tedious research. Do not worry too much your own, you will find many others on the course … And if you are not sure to find your ball, do not hesitate to play a provisional ball. Exit the start when the last player driven. All you have to tell you may be told by walking …

On the fairway

Adopt a steady pace: your partners automatically do the same. The time saved will allow you to better prepare your shot and possibly seek more serenely your ball.

In a bunker

No unnecessary lamentations: Locate the nearest rake. Take the shortest route, do the minimum damage because do not forget that you will have to repair …

On the green

Approach your carriage next start (! Without climbing onto the green revolution) and get ready already: take off your glove, analyze slopes as you enter on the green. If necessary, mark your ball before you do me the request. Play the long putts your turn to but less than one meter, finish. As soon as the last entry ball, put the flag and leave the green immediately: it was only on the next start you score your score. If you earned one to two minutes per hole, make the account for 18! But this you already knew, is not it?