Various game teams

Various game teams


Each team (of two) is only one ball in play which is alternatively hit by each partner.
One ball is hit at each departure A partner will all even starts and the other odd departures.


From each hole, the two partners each hit a ball. For the second shot, they choose the ball that suits them best. If this is the player’s ball A is chosen, it will be the turn B to hit the second shot. Players then play alternately until the hole.

Four balls

The two partners each playing a ball to the end of the hole, the winning score will be the best of both players.


From each hole, the two partners each bring a ball in play. The 2nd time, they invert their ball (A slap the ball B and vice versa). 3rd, they choose one of the bullets and play alternately until the hole.


The first six holes are played in 4 balls, the following six greensome and the last six foursome. The counting of blows is like foursome.


2,3 or 4 players constitute a team. Each player taps his drive. The « captain » (designated amicably) chooses the best ball. From this location, every player types a 2nd shot. The captain chooses the best shot again and so on until the hole is completed. The gaganante team is the one who will have achieved the 18 holes in the fewest strokes.